Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Our mission is to energise the work of Justice and Peace in our diocese

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Get involved - An invitation

Are you concerned about injustice in our world? Do you know what the Catholic Church says about issues of social justice?
Do you feel the need to take action and make your voice heard?

Do you share our vision of a world in which people live in peace and harmony with one another and with nature, where our common humanity is respected and all can contribute freely to the common good?

... and the occasional book review!

St Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador from 1977 to 1980 was assassinated for speaking out about human rights violation in his country. He was a peacemaker who sacrificed his life by standing up to injustice. A recording of the 2021 annual London ecumenical service to celebrate his life can be viewed here.

Mass in St George's Cathedral at 12 noon on Saturday August 14 to celebrate the 104th birthday of Archbishop Saint Oscar Romero. The principal celebrant will be Bishop Nicholas Hudson (Auxiliary in Westminster). All are welcome!

The photos on the left show the Romero Cross in St George's Cathedral, Southwark, the national shrine  to a patron of Justice and Peace.  .

On the right we see an imagined ecene of St Oscar clebrating Mass with his friend Rutilio Grande who was assassinated - a martry for his faith - less than three weeks after Romero was named as archbishop

Photos from the March 2021 Southwark Mass are here.

Help in your parish

Would you like support and encouragement?
You only have to ask! Working as a Group is an effective way to make progress
While action for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation is strongly rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, many J&P groups work ecumenically and perhaps with partners from other Faiths.
From the Scriptures and the example of Christ's life and teaching, from the Church’s Social Action and Teaching and from our own faith experience, we are inspired by wonder at God’s Spirit acting throughout creation and in every human being

We value:
⁕    love, hope and compassion
⁕    mercy and forgiveness
⁕    solidarity and subsidiarity
⁕    partnership and dialogue
⁕    care for the whole of creation
⁕    simplicity and sustainability of lifestyle
⁕    reconciliation and peace
⁕    wonder at God’s Spirit acting throughout creation and in every human being

Ways to help

Read our communications and find out more about the issues of injustice that we need to address.

Take action in your own daily life and prayers and find ways of encouraging others to do the same.

Take it further

Sign petitions, write to MPs and decision-makers.

Have a say in radio phone-ins and letters to newspapers.

Join relevant Organisations.

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