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JPIC Southwark - About us

The diocesan Commission for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation takes form during its half-yearly Assemblies. These are organised by a Steering Committee which takes forward suggestions for further study and action that arise during these Assemblies. 

In May 1991, our late Archbishop, Michael Bowen, sent a statement to all parishes about Justice and Peace work in the Diocese. In it he said: “It is my clear aim to make concern for Justice and Peace issues more central to the life of the diocese. Each person has a responsibility to promote justice, from which comes true peace in our families, our society and between nations.”

We continue to respond to his call.

We are delighted to help people and groups in  parishes and schools who plan to join us!

“We are called to preach this mission of the Gospel, this Good News of the mission of Christ to liberate humankind. Right at the heart of this preaching lies the work we must do for justice.”
Justice in the World. World Synod of Bishops, 1971

“Working for peace and justice is central to the mission of the Church” (Cardinal Basil Hume )

A concern for, and being active in, justice and peace is an essential part of the Christian life. It is living the Gospel. From the Bible to today’s Church teachings we are encouraged to do whatever is possible for justice by:
· exploring the causes of injustice
· increasing awareness among others about these issues
· considering this in the light of our faith
· working for justice on our doorsteps and overseas
. living out our faith and promoting action for justice and peace
. giving personal witness  through how we live –
. praying for the situations of injustice that they may be changed
. raising money to help those working to change unjust structures